Baby Noah’s Story

Two days after Noah came into the world he was admitted to Brenner Children’s Hospital in Winston-Salem with a heartbreaking diagnosis — cancer. Pregnancy had been healthy and normal for new parents Lucinda and Seth, so finding out their newborn infant was born with cancer was a shock.

Diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastma nerve cancer, the 6.7 lb newborn began the first of eight rounds of intense chemotherapy treatments just a few weeks after his birthday. After his first round of chemo he had his gallbladder removed. And later, he underwent a blood transfusion.

As Noah fought cancer in the NICU, Lucinda and Seth prayed for their little boy from their room across the street at the Ronald McDonald House. They spent three weeks as guests at the House and were never more than a few minutes from their little boy’s side. “It was such comfort in knowing when we couldn’t stay with Baby Noah we were only like three seconds from him.”

Lucinda and Seth call the Family Room inside Brenner “a blessing for us and our family.” There they were able to seek respite in a welcoming and warm space. They could eat lunch and talk with family and friends all just a few steps from Noah’s crib.

Since his diagnosis and treatment in 2010, Lucinda and Seth have come back to stay at the House several times while in town for check-ups with Noah, who is now a bubbly, cancer-free toddler. They remain grateful for the comfort and support provided at the Ronald McDonald House and rest assured knowing that the House will always be there for them and for Noah.