Victory Junction Outreach Program

The Victory Junction Outreach Program brings the magic of Victory Junction Camp to families staying at the Ronald McDonald House! Through the program, Victory Junction staff provides camp style activities such as arts and crafts, suction cup archery, and camp games. Camp activities are appropriate for all family members and are a favorite bonding time for families.

YMCA Summer Camp

We partner with the William G. White YMCA to send siblings to summer camp. This allows parents to focus on getting their hospitalized child strong enough and well enough to return home, while siblings spend their days learning to swim, creating crafts, and making new friends at camp. Camp keeps our siblings buys, stimulated and distracted; and helps our moms and dads by lessening the stress of having them underfoot at the hospital. Camp provides a natural break where parents can focus on the hospitalized child while siblings expend their bottled-up energy and excitement in a “normal “setting.




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